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5 Elements of Yin and Yang Natural Therapies

Jungle Pool@Ulu Langat - Natural Serinity Therapy and Health Center

Holistic Health Approach


Five Elements Yin and Yang Natural Therapy

Jungle Pool@ Ulu Langat ’s original comprehensive physical therapies, in the natural environment of sky and earth, uses natural elements such as metal , wood, water, fire, earth, wind, space, information, etc., combined with natural herbs, essential oils and yin and yang energy to achieve balance, harmony, improvement and transformation of physical and mental health. *individuals may also choose single or specific elemental therapies.


Experience yourselves with:

  • Herbal and organic food natural remedies.
  • Five Elements and Tai Chi Qigong Learning Course.
  • A learning course on 9 basic yoga techniques for physical and mental health
  • Nature Sounds Meditation Course.
  • Sun and Moon Essence Energy Cultivation Course.
  • Natural detoxification, purofication and transformation courses.
  • Natural ecological diversity system and farm learning and experience.


    5 Elements Yin and Yang Natural Therapies

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